High-Concept With Originality



With the motto, “High Concept With Originality,” our mission is to make movies that push the limits of storytelling and stretch the imaginations of both the audience and those in the studio system. 

Our goal is to tell finely crafted stories that reflect the diversity of human style, sub-culture and environments; the kind of stories that are undeniable and resonate across the cultural divide.


“I was always fascinated by the question, ‘What constitutes fact and what constitutes truth?’ I’ve always searched for deep truth in images in cinema.” – Werner Herzog



Divine Write Pictures is a division of Lawville Solutions LLC. We endeavor to produce material that is both, high-concept and original, being very aware that the two terms are often mutually exclusive. 


In fact, some of the most successful films have come from the minds of writers or filmmakers who saw fit to buck the conventional wisdom of Hollywood storycraft and box office projections. Adherence to passion and artistic integrity is the impetus behind such films.  It is also the rationale for Divine Write Pictures.


Divine Write Pictures stands by Lawville Solutions’ motto, “High Concept with Originality”, but places greater emphasis on “originality.”  The division has been established to develop the kinds of projects that aren’t easily explained in two sentences, or adequately summed up in a one-minute pitch. Our focus is on material that is nuanced, story driven and highly conceptual (literally).


Submission Policy

It’s hard out there for a screenwriter… We know, because we’re in the trenches with you.  But until we’re able to get a few of these in-house projects financed and in production, we won’t be able to accept any unsolicited scripts, query letters, pitches, synopsis, log-lines, tag-lines, texts or bright ideas…


Any material sent to us will NOT be viewed and will be terminated with extreme prejudice…


"Filmmaking, like any other art, is a very profound means of human communication; beyond the professional pleasure of succeeding or the pain of failing, you do want your film to be seen, to communicate itself to other people." - Kenneth Lonergan



Founded by filmmaker Lawrence LAW Watford, Divine Write Pictures is an independent film development and production company, creating content for theatrical, television and online distribution.  Our goal is to produce films that are in step with the ever-changing nature of high-concept cinema, balancing artistic integrity and corporate interests.

“A filmmaker’s most important tool is humanity. You want to able to capture humanity in your stories and bring out humanity in your characters.” – Ryan Coogler



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