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Tensions rise during an acting class when the teacher's preferred method of instructing one of his students involves hitting her emotional triggers - unintentionally hitting his own in the process.




  • spar with an imaginary opponent as a form of training.

  • make a show of tackling a problem or opponent while avoiding any direct engagement.

Our past films have explored subjects such as mourning, existential crises, racism and police accountability.  With SHADOW ACTING we use the setting of a theater to examine the challenges of creating authentic romantic connections in a world with unsettled ideas about love, patriarchy and power dynamics in marital relationships.

Shadow Acting is a play on the concept of shadow boxing as well as the concept of "the shadow" set forth by Psychologist Carl Jung.  It is an allegory about our struggle to comprehend and communicate the complex ways in which love challenges our identity and strains our humility.  The hope is that we open the door to a conversation that acknowledges some uncomfortable truths and nuances about love in today's world. 

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